Take Your Health Back!

Health knowledge of ancient times has been widely suppressed. We are here to change that. True health is not something that can be purchased, but rather a way of life that must be learned and embodied.

This community will inspire & empower you to take your health back! After all, our health is our most valuable asset of all. Pay now or pay later! And I must say, hospital bills  are far more expensive & no where near as fun as than joining our community!




Community connections through online rooms, events, clubs & more

This is a safe space to meet your soul tribe. Those who are working along side of you to become their ideal selves. We are social beings and this can be a lonely journey, but not when you're a part of our tribe! Join us for a calendar filled with virtual events including fun clubs like book club & fruit club and so much more! 


Live Group Coaching & Support Groups

Meet with Jules live with your community multiple times a week for coaching calls as well as support group calls. These calls will lift you up and give you so much strength, positivity & motivation. Nothing like it! You will leave feeling refreshed, empowered, inspired and supported.


Education through Courses, Podcasts, Blog, Workshops, Classes & More

Have access to constant information that is true to our healing journey - leave out all misinformation and thrive here in your learning journey with ongoing courses in creation here for you as well as a monthly podcast featuring brave healing warriors and other stories of those who have gone before. We also feature a wonderful blog and host fun workshops. We have weekly classes including things like virtual yoga at no additional cost. 



Jules has helped over 450 people do extended juice fasting and then convert to raw veganism. She has supported people through healing suicidal ideation, obesity, drug and alcohol dependency, thyroid weakness, skin conditions, fertility issues, skin tags, warts, physical injuries, mental health issues, eating disorders and more, all through internal hygiene and learning the healing lifestyle. 



Welcome to our Grounding Blog, your guide to the benefits of reconnecting with the Earth. Grounding, or earthing, involves direct contact with the ground to balance your body's electrical charge, reducing stress, improving sleep, and enhancing overall well-being.

Explore the science behind grounding and its impact on health, including reducing inflammation and boosting energy. Learn practical tips to incorporate grounding into your daily routine and read inspiring personal stories from those who have experienced its life-changing effects.

Join our community, stay updated on the latest research, and start your journey to better health and harmony through grounding today!

Our Blog

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My Story

From severe addiction to alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs & disordered eating, Jules tried everything but could not find a way out of her self-destructive patterns. Finally, she decided to give diet modification a go even though she thought it probably would not work. To her great surprise, she started to treat the SOURCE of all of her issues. Her anxiety, depression and self esteem issues began to melt away as she cleansed her body, mind and soul. It was such a profound & life changing experience for her that she now spends all of her free time working with her community in order to coach as many people down this path to freedom and personal heaven on earth here in The Raw Vegan Family. 


"Working with Jules has been nothing short of miraculous. For years, I struggled with a chronic autoimmune disease that left me feeling exhausted and hopeless. Jules' personalized coaching and unwavering support have transformed my life. Through a tailored nutrition and wellness plan, I have seen a dramatic reduction in my symptoms and an increase in my energy levels. I am now living pain-free and thriving in ways I never thought possible. Jules is a true healer, and I am eternally grateful for the new lease on life she has given me."
‚ÄĒ Sarah M.

"Before meeting Jules, I had tried every diet and exercise plan imaginable, but nothing seemed to work. Jules' holistic approach and compassionate coaching made all the difference. She helped me understand the root causes of my weight issues and guided me through sustainable lifestyle changes. Over the past year, I have lost 50 pounds and have kept it off! I feel healthier, more confident, and more vibrant than ever. Jules is an amazing coach who truly cares about her clients' well-being."
‚ÄĒ Mark L.

"Jules has been a game-changer in my life. I came to her feeling sluggish, stressed, and disconnected from my body. Through her expert guidance and personalized wellness strategies, I have completely turned my life around. I have more energy, mental clarity, and a profound sense of well-being. The weight I've lost is just a bonus compared to how amazing I feel every day. Jules' dedication and passion for helping others shine through in everything she does. I can't recommend her highly enough!"
‚ÄĒ Emily R.


Take your health back and live as your ideal self with the help of these comprehensive courses.

How To Do An Extended Juice Fast 

Learn the basics of extended juice fasting from the pros. 


How to Transtion Successfully to Raw Veganism

Learn how to go raw vegan and enjoy it all the way! 


Learn How to Treat Common Ailments Naturally

Today we take a pill for everything! In this course, you will learn how to work with the body when you experience an ailment. 


Breathwork 101

Unlock the transformative power of your breath with our new Breathwork Course.  Perfectly paired with juice fasting, start your journey today!


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